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HannibalHannibal(white-huacaya) Hannibal is from the Peruvian Rural Allianza Co-op., the largest alpaca raising entity (approx. 40,000 alpacas) in the world. Hannibal is one of the best studs sold by the Rural Allianza. Hannibal was the only stud not offered for sale by the Hunt/Mizrahie Import Group in 1998. 


Sure Shot

Sure ShotSure Shot(white-huacaya) DOB: 6/24/99.  If you are in pursuit of fineness, you won't beat Sure Shot!  As a three year old he has a 16.4 micron fleece with a low standard deviation (3.6 microns).  His 11 year old mother's fleece is 20.8!  Sure Shot is one of those rare alpacas with a low micron count that does not blow out due to a rich diet.  Sure Shot is owned by Susan Stackhouse of Fantasy Farms and Eric Hoffman.  He comes from an Accoyo/Rural Allianza lineage.  His breeding life is just beginning.  He arrived in the United States via Australia and is unrelated to all of the highly promoted bloodlines in the United States.

View Sure Shot's outstanding histogram.

The General

The GeneralThe General(black-huacaya) A rare alpaca! The General is a true black (500 TB). More importantly, he consistently produces babies that are true blacks (75% of his babies are true blacks). The General entered the U.S. in 1998 during the most rigid period of screening standards. He is conformationally flawless, compact, and athletic. Though he is a huacaya, his fiber is as lustrous as an ideal suri. He has 23 micron fleece and is a potent breeder.

View an example of The General's offspring.


Shauncey of Bolivia B8456

Shauncey of Bolivia B8456(huacaya) This 4 year old male is a perfect phenotype and an outcross to all bloodlines in California. He is a 100% Bolivian huacaya. Shauncey is structurally flawless, possesses perfect dentition, has above average testicular development, and is proud with tremendous presence. Shauncey is a compact animal standing 34 inches at the withers. He has short triangular muzzle and beautiful head. His fiber is very dense and his micron count at 4 years old is 19.4, with a low standard deviation (3.5), and only 1.1% over 30 microns. He has tremendous coverage and is a good breeder with a manageable disposition. His offspring are predominantly reds, browns, and fawns.


BD Guinness

BD GuinnessBD Guinness(DC Dark Coffee - suri) Guinness (Reg #834382) is a gentle suri male, with very good conformation and a lustrous deep brown/black coat. Guinness was imported from Bolivia in 1998 as a small cria. His mother, Pucathrihue (Reg # 834382) is a structurally perfect chocolate colored (LC Coffee/Brown) suri, who has produced only suri offspring. Guinness is small (120 lbs), but potent. In his first two breedings both females were impregnated in the first or second try. Guinness's coat and lock structure are impressive. His coat is very lustrous. Guinness has wonderful disposition, which we hope will be passed onto his offspring.

More about our quality suri alpacas.


BD McCloud A9708

BD McCloud A9708(silver-gray -huacaya) McCloud is a superb silver male with four generations of silver grandparents on his mother's side. He is the third cria from Nosie, Bonny Doon's amazing silver female with a micron count of 18.8 at six years of age. It is difficult to find silver animals with exquisite fleeces. As a tui his average micron diameter is 19.8 with a s.d. of 3.9 and a C.V. of 19.7. He's competitive with the best South American animals which is doubly impressive when considering McCloud was raised on high protein hays that should've coarsened his fleece. Better yet his father is McGregor whose yield was 10 lbs at his first shearing. McCloud also inherited both his mother's and father's faultless structural quality.

More about our tradition of breeding quality silver alpacas.


El Idolo de Oro

El Idolo de Oro(beige - suri) A beautiful colored suri and the son of "Absolute", the first male chosen from the first Bolivian suri import into the United States.  "Oro" is a beautiful dark beige with lustrous fleece who has produced colored suri offspring. "Oro" represents a proven bloodline with more than 70 registered alpacas.



Chachani(white - huacaya) DOB 3/18/98. Outstanding white huacaya with Accoyo /Allianza bloodlines. He is an outcross to all bloodlines on the West Coast. Chachani's fiber is extremely dense and exceptionally fine with fantastic luster. He possesses great conformation and dentition. His histogram as an adult is 18.8, SD = 3.4., %>30 Microns = 1.4. Owned in partnership with Beverly Bell of Scotts Valley.


BD McDuff

BD McDuff(rose gray-huacaya) Five year old male with exceptional handle and fineness. McDuff has perfect structure and an incredibly fine and even coat. One of his fleeces is now a sweater worn by Eric. McDuff has an attractive head with a short, triangular muzzle. McDuff represents the fourth generation born at Bonny Doon. His mother, BD Posie's Nosegay W974 (silver gray), had a histogram of l9.8 at six years of age. McDuff's histogram, when he was a tui (before first shearing), was 19.5 with a standard deviation of 3.8. McDuff's lineage is entirely gray or rose gray on his mother's side (four generations). His grandfather is The Silversmith HST G452, perhaps the best known silver stud in the US during the late l980s and early 90s. His father is BD McGregor G566, who is one of Bonny Doon's most productive and best studs. Both of McDuff's brother's, McDoodle (fawn;20 microns; 4.6 sd) and McCloud (silver grey;19 microns: 3.9 sd) are  exceptional animals and stud quality. McDuff, his bloodline, and his siblings make him very convincing.

View examples of McDuff's offspring.

More about our tradition of breeding quality silver alpacas.


BD McDoodle

BD McDoodle(fawn - huacaya) McDoodle is a flawless young stud who has proven to be particularly potent. He has large testicular development and settled his first five females in their first or second breeding. He is proud, stands well and has excellent coverage. He is structurally flawless. As a tui his histogram produced a 20 micron fiber count with a 4.6 sd. The handle of his fiber is superb. He has a perfect mouth. He is fawn in color but most of the rest of his bloodline is gray. He is fourth generation animal at Bonny Doon and an excellent prospect. Owned in partnership with Ruth and Stephanie Wynkoop of Berkeley, California.

See examples of McDoodle's offspring.


BD Zuni A9602

BD Zuni A9602(red - huacaya) Zuni is three years old and the product of a Peruvian father and Chilean mother. He has exceptional fleece both in quality (including density) and coverage. As a tui his histogram read 19.9 with a 4.7 sd, and cv of 23.  Zuni is an outcross to all other studs at Bonny Doon. Exceptional head coverage and a wonderful temperament.


BD Dustin

BD Dustin(silver gray - huacaya) Dustin has two silver gray parents. He is the product of The Silversmith HST 452 and Dusty HST W717. Surprise, he is also silver gray. Dustin is a compact, conformationally solid animal, with excellent wool coverage and overall appearance. Dustin is co-owned with Chase Ranch in St. Helena, California.  Dustin has produced many offspring. Most of his offspring are white,  gray or black. He produces his form. He has an excellent temperament.

More about our tradition of breeding quality silver alpacas.


NZ Caithness Dundee 157

NZ Caithness Dundee 157(huacaya) This is among the best alpacas ever to come from New Zealand. Dundee is a large, strong animal with a perfect conformation and bite. He exemplifies the word "volume" in his annual yield. On his first shearing he produced over 10 pounds of high quality fiber! His fiber has a standard deviation of 4.1 with a very favorable coefficient of variation of only 16.9. His last histogram (2.5 years) had his microns at 24. His volume and evenness compensates favorably against the rare 18-20 micron animal that usually is hard pressed to produce half as much fleece in the same time period. Dundee is proud and a potent breeder with many outstanding offspring. He's an outcross to everything in North America, except his offspring. Dundee is owned by Eric Hoffman, John and Barbara Chase, and Wayne and Eileen Ausland. If you want volume and conformation you can't lose with Dundee. Chieftain, one of Bonny Doon's best animals ever, is a son of Dundee's.  Dundee presently resides at Foothill Ranch.


BD Zephyr

BD Zephyr(light fawn-huacaya) DOB: 4-18-97.  Zephyr is an outrageously covered alpaca with above average fleece quality and solid conformation. He is the product of two strong bloodlines that include over 30 registered relatives of high quality and consistently conformed alpacas. Zephyr is unusually gentle and easy to handle.


BD The Gold Duster A3902

BD The Gold Duster A3902(gold -huacaya) The Gold Duster is the son of The Goldsmith. The two are almost interchangeable. The Gold Duster has produced more than twenty good quality offspring. The Gold Duster's rich coat is dense and regenerates quickly. At 24 months his histogram was 23 microns, 4.1 sd and 17.3 sd. He is structurally solid and muscular and a very attractive animal.


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