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Alpacas for Sale

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Purchasing alpacas from Bonny Doon offers several advantages not available when purchasing from other alpaca ranches:

  • unparalleled experience and expertise in alpaca assessment, behavior, breeding, and husbandry.

  • a proven record in sales with many repeat customers.

  • five generations of breeding and pedigree.

  • an extremely wide assortment of bloodlines.

  • Peruvian, Chilean, Australian, New Zealand, Bolivian and home grown stock.

  • suri AND huacaya alpacas.

  • worldwide connections in the industry.

  • post-sale customer support.

  • standard AOBA sales contracts.

  • live birth guarantees.

  • post-sale discounts on Bonny Doon breeding services.

AlpacaBonny Doon's owner, Eric Hoffman, has screened more than 7000 alpacas for the Alpaca Registry Inc.  Eric applies the screening criteria to the animals he offers for sale. He also co-authored the The Alpaca Book and has trained screeners and show judges in fiber analysis. He is an acknowledged expert in assessing behavior, fiber and conformation and has contributed many articles to trade and national publications.

Let Eric's expertise work for your alpaca business.

Bonny Doon uses the standard AOBA sales agreements, offers live birth guarantees, keeps careful records documenting pregnancy status, health records and overall qualities of each animal under Bonny Doon's care.

Bonny Doon is somewhat flexible in sales agreements and works to minimize risks to the buyer. As a condition of sale each animal is examined by a veterinarian at time of purchase.

Since 1984, Bonny Doon has successfully sold more than 600 alpacas.  Bonny Doon has never had a legal dispute because disclosure is given on every aspect of each animal with the customer's interests in mind.

Bonny Doon offers follow-up services about management, husbandry practices, reproduction efficiency, behavioral considerations and much more.

Contact us today to arrange a visit to Bonny Doon Alpacas! (831) 426-8649

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Bonny Doon Alpacas
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