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The Complete Alpaca Book: Revised Second Edition

The Complete Alpaca Book: Revised Second Edition is now available.
Order your copy today!

Retail Price: $149.95
Read more about The Complete Alpaca Book: Revised Second Edition.


Looking for an outstanding black alpaca? Look no further.

alpaca treasure

Book your breedings now to Sure Shot, an outrageously fine (16.4 microns!) white huacaya stud with Accoyo / Rural Allianza bloodlines.


Looking for a silver alpaca? Be sure to read about our unmatched tradition of breeding silver and gray alpacas.



Welcome to Bonny Doon Alpacas, a magical place where generations of high quality alpacas have lived since 1984.  Our alpaca ranch is nestled in the California coastal mountains and is open to visitors by appointment.  By car it is 45 minutes from San Jose and 90 minutes from San Francisco. map

Whether you're an experienced alpaca breeder or new to these unique and beautiful animals you will enjoy working with Eric Hoffman, owner of Bonny Doon Alpacas. His enthusiasm and love for alpacas has influenced the development of the alpaca business in North America for the last twenty years. His ranch is one of the first.

What's new?

The Complete Alpaca Book: Revised Second Edition is now available!
Order your copy today. Special waiting list price break!

Bonny Doon Alpacas offers:

  • Quality Alpacas for Sale

  • Exceptional Alpacas for Stud - Updates Coming Soon: You'll love your Black Boys

  • Alpaca Finding Services

  • Consulting Services

  • Lecture Services for Groups

  • Brokering Services for Sellers

  • Pre- and Post-Purchase Customer Support and Guidance

  • Unmatched Expertise - more than 22 years breeding alpacas and more than 30 years breeding camelids!

  • Caring in Business

  • Honesty and Integrity in transactions

  • Flexible Financing Options

  • Worldwide Connections

  • Contagious Passion for Alpacas

Offering unmatched expertise, Eric Hoffman is:

During his four years as an inspector for the Alpaca Registry, Eric examined over 7000 alpacas for possible inclusion into the Alpaca Registry based on criteria that he played a key role in creating. In addition, he is a fiber instructor, recognized by the Alpaca and Llama Show Association and trains alpaca judges.

Eric is a retired educator, author, and nature writer. He has written on many topics with more than 150 articles on alpacas, llamas, vicunas, and guanacos that have appeared in Pacific Discovery, the San Francisco Chronicle, Wildlife Conservation, International Wildlife, Outside and numerous other national publications as well as trade journals.

Mother and child spinning alpaca.Alpacas have sent Eric to all areas of the globe. He has traveled to South America more than 30 times and has many contacts amongst the fiber processors and people engaged in raising alpacas in Peru, Chile, and Bolivia.

His popular lectures have also earned him passage to speak to alpaca breeders in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and throughout the United States.

Since 1984, alpacas have been a primary source of income and a constant learning experience for Eric.

Knowledge, experience, & integrity

If you're interested in alpacas, start your journey of discovery at Bonny Doon Alpacas. You'll find sound advice backed by unmatched experience,  a track record of satisfied customers since 1984,  high quality alpacas for sale and stud, and a contagious passion and respect for alpacas.

Please contact Eric at Bonny Doon Alpacas by email or phone (831) 426-8649 to schedule a visit. Enjoy!

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Bonny Doon Alpacas
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