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Alpaca Stud Services

ShaunceyWe've been providing stud services to alpaca farms since l984. Thousands of alpacas throughout the United States can be traced to animals that were once housed at Bonny Doon Alpacas.

Click here to view our studs.

Our Alpaca Stud Service offers:

  • Fifteen exceptional studs to choose from.

  • Pedigrees going back five generations.

  • Top picks of imported stock from many continents.

  • Diverse bloodlines.

  • Suri and huacaya studs

  • Emphasis on conformation AND fiber quality.

  • Color diversity.

  • Live birth guarantees.

  • Fast turnaround time.

  • Maximum care for your visiting females with full time staff and available veterinary assistance.

  • Multiple breeding discounts.

  • Returning customer discounts.

  • Unparalleled experience.

Bonny Doon studs represent all major color groups and are a genetically diverse group of animals with a common thread of superb quality.  A stud's qualities must be strong in both overall structural soundness and fiber quality. A stud's value is enhanced by the number of quality offspring he produces and from the depth of his scientifically verifiable lineage.

We do not inbreed or line breed.

McDuffSome studs represent the fourth and fifth generation of alpacas born at Bonny Doon. Even though we have studs with five generations of Bonny Doon bloodline behind them we can trace all of our studs lineages to their origins in Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and New Zealand.  In many instances we know the overseas farm that created a bloodline.

We use the standard AOBA stud contract and guarantee a live birth. Our fees range from $750 to $2500 depending on the stud's record, potential and rareness. 

Note: Studs in the US are often marketed based on histogram results (laserscan fiber test). We don't mind competing on this basis but feel the pros and cons of using histograms should be fully understood by a prospective buyer. We strongly suggest reading "Fiber as a Transitory Medium." This article will help  you make an informed assessment of a particular animals fiber characteristics and demystify some of the commonly used advertising techniques.

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