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alpacaEric Hoffman has several professional quality slide shows that have between 50 and 120 images with designed presentations lasting from 40 to 90 minutes.

Since l976, Eric has made more than 100 presentations to breed organizations, community groups, and schools.

"This years speaker featured Eric Hoffman from Santa Cruz, California.  Eric delivered an exceptional seminar, captivating all with his endless resources, knowledge and experience! Topics covered were Andean pastoralism, history, health, herd management, behavior, and anything else you wanted to know."
~ Canadian Alpaca Breeders Association, Spring 1999 Newsletter

Eric's most popular presentations are:

consulting services Andean Pastoralism

Tucare, Peru - Women dressed for holiday.The story of the 40 million year history of the camel family, the emergence of selective breeding programs in the high Andes beginning 6000 years ago, the customs and beliefs of the ancient pastoralists (Incas and previous cultures), changes in alpacas caused by selective breeding practices, fiber characteristics of vicunas, alpacas, and llamas and the influences that have affected husbandry practices and llama and alpaca raising in the 500 years since the Conquest in 1432.

consulting services Understanding Camelid Behavior to Better Manage Alpacas and Llamas

Through a series of images and a humorous presentation (complete with imitative camelid vocalizations) Eric explains the evolution of camelid behavior and how the behavior in the wild camelids (vicunas and guanacos) is part of the behavior make-up in the domestic camelids (alpacas and llamas). The talk explains territoriality in the males, hierarchical behavior in the family group, and common forms of communication (ear positioning, body postures, vocalizations, and scent). Participants will learn to identify behavior and what it means. The presentation is useful to owners and managers because they learn to understand courting behavior, identify stress in animals and ways to reduce it, how to modify a facility to best meet the needs of the alpacas and llamas, and to increase the owner's appreciation for his animals by understanding the language of camelids.

consulting services Getting Husbandry Right

consulting services Fiber Processing and Evaluation

consulting services Training and Transportation

Partial list of past speaking engagements:

alpaca consulting Australian Alpaca Association (Australia)

New Zealand alpaca conference New Zealand Alpaca Conference, 2001 (Keynote Speaker)

New Zealand alpaca conference Alpaca Breeders of Central Chile (Chile)

alpaca owners and breeders Alpaca Owners and Breeders Assoc. (U.S.)

Canadian Llama and Alpaca Canadian Llama and Alpacas Assoc. (Canada)

International Llama Association International Llama Association (U.S.)

International Alpaca Association International Alpaca Assoc. (Peru)

Cal ILA Cal-ILA (California, U.S.)

Calpaca Calpaca (California, U.S.)

Canadian Alpaca Breeders Association Canadian Alpaca Breeders Assoc. (Calgary and Saskatoon, Canada)

NEOBA NEOBA (Massachusetts, U.S.)

Background & History

Eric has been enthusiastically involved in the creation and the success of the alpaca business. He is known internationally for his knowledge about alpacas, llamas, guanacos and vicunas. He has been a keynote speaker in Australia, Peru, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States on a broad range of subjects at international conferences.

He is the creator of the Alpaca Registry which is a vanguard registry because it made use of scientific verification as proof of lineage and has effectively created the largest gene pool of alpacas in the world whose genetic make-up cannot be eroded by the influences of llamas and huarizos.

His more than 150 articles on subjects ranging from camelid behavior to the history of Andean pastoralism to evaluating alpacas fiber and management programs for vicunas in Peru have appeared in Outside, Pacific Discovery, International Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation, Grolier's Science Journal, California Living and trade publications.

Eric is the principal author of The Complete Alpaca Book, co-author of The Alpaca Book and founding editor of the Alpaca Registry Journal. Eric worked closely with the veterinarian community and was instrumental in creating the now defunct Alpaca Registry screening program that screened more than 7,000 alpacas and raised around $3,000,000 for the alpaca community.

To schedule a speaking engagement, please call Eric Hoffman at: (831) 426-8649 or email.

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